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Watch for our new Spring on-line issue coming out at the end of April!. 

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The mission of ABI Recovery Magazine™ (a digital eZine) is to promote and help those who help survivors and their families heal and recover to their fullest potential from Acquired Traumatic Brain Injury. We aim to bridge the knowledge gap and provide an outlet of information and connect survivors and professionals to services available today in Canada.

While serving as a news and information source for survivors with acquired brain injury, at the same time we aim to both connect donors to ABI not-for profit services that need their support and help professionals in acquired brain injury related fields learn ‘about and from’ each other through the sharing of news and resources. 

It is our goal to aid information flow and become a valuable resource for BI service providers

in their efforts to relocate a client inter-provincially with referrals and services they need, and to enhance their local reach and serve the needs in their own Province and of the Canadian ABI Community as a whole. 

Our digital e-Zine format as it grows, will soon include a current Directory by Province and Region and/or City across Canada's not-for profits and for-profits that provide much needed services to the ABI Community. 

ABI Recovery Magazine™ addresses the needs of by the Canadian acquired traumatic brain injury community of today. Through providing opportunity for targeted advertising we assist those professionals and organizations in making their services known. Together we are stronger.

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Deborah St. Jean

     Publisher and Editor


ARM is volunteer run and operated.
Each issue costs* approximately $650 - $1000 to publish and promote, and we need partners to keep this going out to survivors and their families and the BI Community of  Canada coast to coast. 

ARM is a Not-For-Profit based labor of love enterprise.
Thank you for your financial support and help in keeping this publication going. 

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